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Welcome to my home page. I'm a project-oriented person, so I wear many hats. Things I love doing usually have a finished product at the end, and practically all of them are for sale or rent.

I like to spend time seeing things that aren't there yet. A good day is when I stay balanced on a spinning orb with heaven beneath my feet so that I don't trip over anything more serious than an epiphany. Thank you for your visit, and for wanting to know these things!

Selia Qynn - author, poet, singer/songwriter, photographer, graphic designer, artisan, painter, habitat steward, interior designer, landlord, house concert host, landscape consultant, bird and nature lover.

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HABITAT HOUSE is certified by the National Wildlife Federation's Backyard Habitat program. Backyard #11362, certificate #24714. Visit us on FaceBook at Habitat House   TEMPORARY HOUSING in an urban oasis with character and charm competitively priced housing solutions for your short-term needs. Visit us on AirBnB.com to make a reservation.

The grounds encompass three adjoining lots with a garden in the middle surrounded by the rentals. Features include: aviaries with doves, pheasants, chickens, quail, chukars, finch, pigeons, duck, goose and bunny. Lots of native flowers, wild birds and squirrels are abundant as well. 9 water features and 11 sitting areas grace the property. We feature events such as concerts, lectures, movies, healing expos, weddings, you name it, we are open to ideas that fit our environment.

There is a therapy room, gym and relaxation room on the property as well and all are open to our guests 24/7.

3 one-bedroom apartments and a 3-bedroom house
all fully furnished and equipped surround a spacious 3/4-acre garden. Follow these links for more information.
600 sf apartment
500 sf apartment

400 sf apartment
green bedroom
white bedroom
yellow bedroom