by Selia Qynn 6/1994

Every picture tells a story. Every shadow hides a fear.
Every ghost has its haunting - the unforgotten being here.
When I tell you that I love you, it all comes out so simply said.
But it's more than I can tell you - more than these words inside my head.

I feel I've known you for so long now, even though it can't be true.
It feels so ancient loving you. It seems so odd that we are new.
But circumstances now enslave you; so I'm a prisoner by your side.
I'd rather be with you imprisoned, than without you in my life.

And I miss you more than ever, and I think of you a lot.
And I remember little pictures from these memories I've got.
But if ever it should happen that we finally have our time,
Then I wouldn't spend my nights writing unrequited rhyme.

I think you know that I would love you, ever as I do today.
And if you think that you could love me, please don't turn your heart away.
If it could all be just that easy, If hearts would never have to break,
Then I would give my heart to you, and it would not be a mistake.

But I will summon all my courage - stake my heart on things unseen.
And hope someday you'll love me like you do so sweetly in my dreams.
Yes, every picture has its story; and in the shadows hides a fear,
That I will lose you when the wind blows; the way I lost my heart, my dear.

And maybe soon its you will haunt me with memories that never go,
EvBut only turn a little bluer for a love that couldn't grow.