by Selia Qynn 1974

In loving, I have found that we must love one another
according to the beloved's own needs.

I have seen the desperate cling to the past or grope at the future unaware of the stagnation that enshrouds them.

I have known men who, because of needs beyond human capacity, only the angels could love.

I have heard the melancholy of the lonely, keeping an eye out to avoid the pain that comes from loving.

I have wept in bitterness with clowns who have choked back enough tears to show through a greasepaint smile.

I have pondered with the hypothetical, avoided love,
and waited much to long for "if".

I have sought to find an inner peace that comes from
the unconditional love of God.

I have followed the laughter of children who, in eager innocence, forever question the wisdom of the ages.

In loving, I have found. In finding I have love.