By Selia Qynn 2000

One day I went out wandering, where golden blooms unfold .
And came upon a magic man whose eyes were very old.
To his garden I was drawn, though I should have been on task.
But, beauty so surrounded me, I couldn’t help but ask.

If he might share a secret, or reveal a hidden truth,
Or perhaps impart a magic way to keep the bloom of youth.
And I would gladly pay him with a poem or a song.
He was at first quite reticent, but not for very long.

As I waited for his answer, I listened to a bird,
Who taught me how to sing a song without a single word.
I would willingly accept a no, I would no further press
But, as I turned to walk away, he answered with a yes.

He saw my fire and folly, my cherished hopes and fears.
He cautioned and encouraged me about the coming years.
At once I saw an overview, my life from far above,
Transported to a vantage point I’d been neglectful of.

From there I saw my path would turn and sometimes be overgrown.
But eventually, the turning road would finally lead me home.
But, it didn’t even matter if I somehow lost my way.
The end was not arriving, it was being here today.