by Selia Qynn, 2/27/90

You were always my childhood hero;
I looked up to you for so long.
Incredibly smart, looks, talent and charm;
It seemed nothing could ever go wrong.
But it did and I wanted to fix it.
Couldn't let anything spoil the way I saw you.
So I became good at believing the lies
And you at distorting the truth.
You think people don't know what you do;
That its "hear-say" and really not true.
But the curtain of secrets you pull over your life
Is transparent as the sky is blue.
And its only a signal to those who love you as I,
To look away and pretend they don't see.
But their hearts break because they know that you're not
What you're still pretending to be.
You say what it takes to get what you need,
While deep in your heart, you condemn.
Are people really that disposable to you?
If they can't help, you've no use for them?
Well, I'm crossing my fingers and saying a prayer
That you'll show me a different side;
And stand up as tall as you were in my eyes --
The hero when I was a child.
So here is your chance, I won't help this time.
I hope you'll understand this someday.
And grow up as tall as the hero I knew
When we were just children at play