by Selia Qynn, 3/95

I want your love. I want your devotion.
Give me a drink and I'll ask for the ocean.
I'll be the river you'll never forget,
And I'll always come to you when I'm wet.

I'll fill you up and make you swell,
And other things you do so well.
I'll stir you up whenever you wish.
I'll tangle your seaweed and frighten the fish.

I'll find your deepest, coolest spots.
And with wet embraces, I'll make them hot.
And as you sweetly sigh for more,
I'll ripple your surface all the way to the shore.

Until your lilting, liquid laugh
Of pleasure plays upon the path;
And rippled moonbeams kiss the shore,
And pull you upward wanting more.

Yes, in a molecular mingling merge,
I'll be in you and feel your urge.
So, don't fight me, baby, the current is strong.
Let me in where I belong!