by Selia Qynn 1978

O earthly people young and old,
How do you watch the days unfold?
What do you think when it's all so clear?
Do you turn away and flee in fear?
When you pause to take a short glance back,
Do you find the monster on your track?
Corruption builds and multiplies
And lurks about in clever disguise.
I can see the way it might have been
From a progression of how it was back then,
In God's amazing universe,
And sleeping seedlings in the earth.
A delicate balance achieved so far...
A greenhouse revolving around a star!
But, such a paradise will not be,
Til we learn a lesson... or two, or three.
The thoughts I have may not be grand.
And maybe some won't understand.
But, if you do and if you care,
Then the lessons I have learned, I'll share.
Keep an open heart, an open mind,
And take the time out to be kind.
And, when your heart is filled with pain,
Keep this in mind. It will sustain:
It's a far, far better thing I've done,
To die for love, than to weep for none.