by Selia Qynn 8/9/94

I would not, could not in a box,
But, maybe I could with a fox.
But, only if the fox was you,
And I could take his socks off, too.
I would, I could in the dark.
Or in a car at Hermann Park.
Or in the Bolivar ferry line.
Or in Arizona would be sublime.
Or in the rain, you bet I could.
But only if you think I should.
But this brief warning is all you get -
I'm very slippery when wet!
Even in a thunder storm
I'd sing a song to keep you warm.
But revealing nipples might disgrace us.
We might be barred from public places.
Or naked in a king-sized bed,
I'd sing a song to make you red.
So ask me, ask me if you dare.
I would, I could most anywhere!

When is easy. That would be
The next time that you ask of me.
For how long is nebulous.
On and on would be my guess.
But, going on relentlessly
Would not work so well for me.
Singing to my favorite distraction,
Just might cause him to take action.
And if you kiss my lips and such,
To to on and on would be too much.
And if inspiration ignites your lust,
Going on and on would not be just.
And if you distract me with something erotic,
To go on and on would be idiotic.
When your loving fingers start to tease,
Then pretty soon, they'll start to please.
And then the song would have to stop
Long enough for screaming at the top.
Or maybe I could just compose
A song to sing without my clothes.
And add a verse about a spasm
So I could sing right through orgasm.
I'm not sure how the words would go...
They might just be, ohh, ohh!
Or something equally incoherent,
With absolutely no verbal merit.
Then repetition would find its place
And tempo could pick up the pace.
Hey! Maybe even a mainstream market
Could relate. They might just like it!
But if it turned out to be a hit,
We might end up performing it.
Yes, we might just have to do it live!
But, never in a dart bar dive -
Dodging darts for meager pay,
Well maybe, but not right away.
Maybe I should stop for now.
But I haven't figured out quite how.
To conclude this manic rhyme,
Still, I have run out of time.
I could go on and on forever.
But, that might not really be so clever.
Unless you also sing along.
Then, we could go on and on!