by Selia Qynn

I had a vision of the present from a future point of view
When I knew that I would love you but I shouldn’t.
With feelings held at bay in the harbor of my heart
That I never did confess because I couldn’t.

I have always loved you like flowers love the rain
And always too embarrassed by the thirst
Funny how the things unsaid turn out to mean the most.
I have always seen so clearly in reverse.

Timing is a thief sometimes, and Grace the only hope.
A choice has somehow thwarted destiny.
I wish for the impossible and dream of you at night.
I never knew how foolish I could be.

You filled me like a breath of air. You moved me like the wind.
I was at your mercy from the start.
Trapped so close to paradise, Heaven forbid that I escape.
Since you became the captor of my heart.