by Selia Qynn 12/9/94

Pandora was a hasty girl
Who did not know what fear was.
Some people say with both hands,
She could not find where her rear was.
But she really wasn't stupid;
You could say she was naive.
No one would REALLY lock up evil,
Then give HER the key!
She said, "That vigil would go to one
Less curious than me."
"And Heaven knows what's inside,
I'd dearly love to see."
She thought to herself carefully,
It didn't take much time,
"The box is yet a riddle
That the contents will unwind."
"And it couldn't be THAT dangerous,
Because there are no locks."
And casting off all warnings,
She opened up the box.
And so it goes that her rebellion
To the test that she was given.
Caused the Powers-That-Be to freak.
It was really quite a schism.
Because Pandora was willful,
By curiosity she was driven.
But that, my friends, is precisely how
Pandora got her rhythm.