By Selia Qynn, 1992

If your only wish were granted,
What treasure would you choose?
Do you want to wish for something
You could never stand to lose?

And if you could know the answer,
What question would you ask?
To see me as I really am,
Would you remove your mask?

Some say the eyes reflect
Like a mirror to the soul
Still you feel so isolated
Cause you never really know.

The next door that you open
Could reveal Heaven's Gate
Do you dare to take a chance
And stir around some fate?

What are we really after
In this journey we call life?
And how many of us know
Before we reach the other side?

Some questions are of consequence,
But they are not by chance.
And no coincidences
In this circumstance.

Questions I must ponder.
Rhetorical at best.
With answers so elusive.
And better left unguessed.