by Selia Qynn 1991

I went down to the ocean, and stuck my toe in
To the same body of water where monsters lurk and swim.
I said, "Now look here, fishy...
I am a superior being with rational thought processes
And conceptual thinking abilities,
and you... Are part of the food chain."
"You are too." he said to me.
Oh my God! He spoke!
That was a rational thought process!
I almost had a stroke!
And what was that comment about the food chain?
That not-so-funny joke?
I am the master of my universe,
'Tis only fun you poke.
"No," he said, "No truer thing Was ever told before."
"'Tis true now as its always been,
For now and ever more."
"An unseen force will call to you
Beyond the grave so cold,"
"But life eternal, if not familiar, Is only for the bold."
"For the weak at heart shall perish,
And the confident shall fail."
"But somewhere in between
Will lie the path beyond the veil."
"But, you musn't worry," he said to me,
"For life is quite eternal."
"It's transformation that kicks your but,
Even if it's just external."
"But if you want it bad enough,
You just might be a winner." "
You don't need courage for the fool's dive in,
But you might be someone's dinner.
" If it all sounds too incredible,
Then believe just what you wish,
I don't know how much is true myself,
But that was one smart fish.
Still, its not that likely
The circumstance would be that dire.
But, there's definitely a relationship
Between sacrifice and desire.