by Selia Qynn, October 1979

Slashing and stabbing, life came at me like twisted karma
Upped the anty and retaliated ten-fold for my mistakes.
Punishment far exceeded my crime of ignorance.
In disbelief....I cried.

Cruel life, took blood in return.
Left me to face a fate worse than death.
Filled my viens with icewater and left a bitter taste in my mouth.
Too numb for tears....I sighed.

Living wafted over my dreams like a rotting stench,
Overwhelming the sweet aroma of hope.
I am sick with my own hate, and too tired to trust.
I turn away from my dream...I tried.

Yes there was a dream, an ideal,
That the world is a friendly place with people just like me.
Yes, I'm sure someone told me long ago
That I was safe... they lied.