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Selia Sings

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Meet Selia

I'm a project-oriented person, wearing many hats as author, poet, singer/songwriter, photographer, graphic designer, artisan, painter, habitat steward, interior designer, landscape consultant, landlord, house concert host, bird and nature lover.

I spend time seeing things that aren't there yet. Things I love doing usually have a finished product at the end, and practically all of them are for sale or rent.

I created Habitat House Short Term Housing Oasis in a quiet neighborhood in West Houston. The back doors of all the apartments open into my beloved garden - a National Wildlife Certified Backyard Habitat.

A good day is when I stay balanced on a spinning orb with heaven beneath my feet so that I don't trip over anything more serious than an epiphany.


I sing live at Prima Pasta in Houston every Sunday 6-9pm - come see me sometime! I look forward to seeing you at the Habitat House or Prima Pasta soon!

After raising my son on this beautiful property for 18 years, I thought "what now?"  Soon the opportunity presented itself for me to acquire two additional adjoining lots. With "no adult supervision" my creativity took on a life of it's own and my beloved Habitat House was born offering Short Term Housing Solutions for all walks of life.


Nestled in the heart of the oasis is a breathtaking garden, certified by the National Wildlife Federation's Backyard Habitat program.

Native flowers surround nine water features and 11 sitting areas to relax and unwind. Take a stroll to find aviaries with doves and finch, ponds with koi and turtles, tortoises, pigeons, ducks, one nice goose, wild birds, squirrels and a bunny.


We feature events such as concerts, lectures, movies, healing expos, weddings, you name it -- and we're open to ideas that fit our environment.

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Habitat House Story


Your Oasis Awaits



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Backyard #11362, Certificate #24714


Selia Sings


Mellow Vocals

Selia's  music is contemporary acoustic with a folk-jazz flavor. Her vocals are soothing, expressive and hypnotic. 

Her impressive log of material consists of a fun mix of classic oldies from the 20s through the 90s, from Sinatra to Dylan, jazz standards, folk, R&B, swing, seasonal and originals.

Restaurants * Wine Bars
Art Galleries * Grand Openings Private Parties * Corporate Events

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