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SELIA QYNN's music is best described as contemporary acoustic folk when she performs solo; and it takes on a medieval-folk-jazz flavor when accompanied by her full band, Pandora's Box. Her clear, smooth voice, heart-felt delivery, delicate guitar work and introspective songwriting make her a truly captivating artist. Her image-rich lyrics will make you think, remember, and believe in magic. She is a natural storyteller, a talent she developed in self-defense to calm her three rambunctious brothers. She has been a poet all her life, but refuses to claim any of her pre-adolescent writings. Still, this compelling artist has an impressive log of material that will take you away and then send you home with a lingering melody.

In 1990, Selia was in the top 40 chosen in Kerrville Folk Festival’s New Folk competition. By 1991, she had produced her debut album, "The Moon & Me." "All Children Here", from this release, won an award at the Spring Music Festival; and later received another honor; the Houston International Peace Festival adopted a line from the song "healing the world from our own backyard" as their 1993 event slogan and logo.

In 1992, she released “The Surreal Life Adventures of Stella Quest,” a concept album with a cast of characters who unfold in a series of colorful vignettes. Eleven songs from fantasy-folk ballads about love and haunting dreamlands to satyrical blues and rock-n-roll spoof are woven into the whimsical, thought-provoking narrative of this musical, mystical, fantasy-folk space odyssey.

1993 marked the release of six music videos which have been aired on the Public Access channel in Houston, in Dallas, TX and Atlanta, GA. This half-hour show is personal, family oriented and full of heart, with clips between songs of her son and wild pet sparrow.

Selia’s music is aired on numerous Eurpoean radio stations including France, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, The Netherlands, Russia, Sweden and on numerous New England and Midwestern college radio stations as well as on Houston's KPFT listener sponsored radio.

She embarked on a poetic journey by writing a collection of 26 alliterative pieces, one for each letter of the alphabet. The collection, based on tender but erotic encounters, is titled Alphabet Soup.

In 1999, Selia released her third self-produced CD, "Charmed Existence," with 12 original love songs (and one Elvis tune) covering the relationship gamut from hopeful beginning to bitter end. The instrumentation is much more jazzy on this one, but still smooth and introspective over all.

Selia's latest album, "Unreleased," is in fact finally released and is an ecclectic collection of songs with a folk-jazz to ballad flavor. Her next project, still bouncing around in her head at the moment, will have something to do with dreams, archetypes and quantum leaps in logic.

Selia hosts a house concert series in her backyard HABITAT HOUSE, certified by the National Wildlife Federation. Her spare time is spent in her lush and sprawling garden nurturing growing things, digging holes in the world to let the flowers out, and enjoying the company of her birds.

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